1. Content, form, test time and band scores
  • Content

Candidates will take the tests in Vietnamese, the details are as follows:

  • Test 1 aims at assessing their general capacities and specialized capacities related to their major.
  • Test 2 aims at assessing the capacity to debate through an essay covering a popular topic for high school students.


Block Major Test 1 Test 2
Economics – Society Business Administration Section 1: Math

Section 2: Full Data

Section 3:

Intellectual capacity

Basic knowledge


  • Test time: 180 minutes
    • Test 1: 120 minutes
    • Test 2: 60 minutes
  • Band score: 105 points (maximum)
    • Test 1: 90 points
    • Test 2: 15 points
  1. Result
  • Passing scores for every single major will be published. Results are valid for two years.
  • How to change major:

Candidates whose score is 20% more than the passing score can move to another major. This does not apply to Application Art block

  1. Timeline:

–  Exam date: 14/5/2017.
–  Registration deadline: 13/5/2017.
– Listing exam room, registration number and location on the website: 9:30 on 12/5/2017.
–  Completing registration procedures and make some adjustments (if any): 13/5/2017.
–  Publishing the results 10 days after the exam on the website.

  1. Application
  • FPT University Application Form
  • 01 copy of ID card
  • 04 photos (3x4cm)
  • Application fee: VND 200,000
  1. How to apply

5.1. How to pay the fee: candidates can choose one out of two options:

  •  Transfer money directly to the bank account of FPT University.
  •  Pay directly at the admissions offices.

5.2. How to submit application: candidates can choose one out of three options:

Option 1: Apply online on the website.

  • Candidates send their applications to email:
  • Notification for examination will be sent to email addresses in the registration application.

Option 2: Lodge application by post.

  • Candidates send their applications by mail to the admissions offices of FPT University listed in Places of Receipt.
  • Notification for examination will be sent to address stated in the registration dossier.

Option 3:  Apply directly to admissions offices

  • Candidates apply directly to the admissions offices of FPT University listed in Places of Receipt.
  • Candidates receive notification for examination right after completing their application for admission.

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