Information Security

Why students choose Information Security at FPT University?


  • The training program is designed as standard for Computer Association (Association for Computing Machinery-ACM), a standard training software engineers Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology for (ABET – US), Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa ), the program of EC-Council Training, Networking and Hardware Institute Jetking (India); with the assistance of experts and IT enterprises such as FPT, IBM, and integrating the standards of the industry such as Oracle, Cisco …
  • All school textbooks are imported from abroad, with copyright of famous publisher such as McGraw Hill, Pearson. To ensure the standardization and updating of information – a critical requirements for sectors such as IT.


Specifically, 100% FPT University students have the chance to join enterprises’ practicums (OJT) from 4 – 8 months. Not only can students apply their knowledge to work, they can also accumulate practical experiences and learn from experts of their fields.


With the “Go Global” strategy, the university wants every student to have the opportunity to spend at least one semester abroad before graduation. Thereby, FPT University students will form the mind of global citizens, have extensive knowledge, enriching their living experience and adapt easily to all cultures, and can work everywhere in the world upon graduation. Currently, FPT University has implemented corporative programs with over 60 schools in 26 countries around the globe and will continue to expand in the near future.


The number of IT professionals who fluent in two foreign languages in Vietnam is not much, it makes a formidable competitive advantage for FPT University students upon graduation.


Up to present time, 98% of FPT University students get a job right after graduation, 15% of graduates are working in the US, Japan, Germany, Singapore… with high starting salary and extended promotion opportunities.

They are equipped with foundational knowledge and IT application skills in the majored field.
Training focuses on soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, management skills, and negotiation skills.


With the development of cloud computing and e-commerce today, Information Security is particularly considered as an extremely important task. The industry also becomes a huge demand for manpower working in this filed in the future. Information Security is not only as protecting the system from hacker attacks, but also to ensure the safe movement of packets, lossless data transfer.

This is a field of study related to hardware, software, network, the principles of organizing information as well as human factors. Students who study this program is expected to have good mathematic and system thinking.


According to BKAV Report, in 2015, it had 5226 websites which belonging to IT agencies in Vietnam had been intruded by hackers. In which has 340 sites of government agencies and educational institutions. A recent report by Kaspersky also shows that Vietnam ranks the 3rd in the world being risked when surfing the web. With this situation, businesses, agencies and organizations are forced to be more cautious and invest more for the network security. However, in Vietnam in general, information security is one of the sectors are scarce in high-quality human resources, and forecasts will prolong and increase in years to come, according to the survey of FPT Corporation and other units, the organization of Information Technology (IT).

FPT University is one of the few universities in Vietnam has been tasked by Vietnam Ministry of Education (BGD&DT) on training Security Information Engineers since 2013. FPT University is also one of the few pioneer enrollment and training in this sector in Vietnam. With the advantage lies in the heart of a consortium of leading technology, FPT University has always been accessible and constantly updated with the latest technology trends, knowledge of the world of modern IT.


Information security Students can work in the following areas:

  • Expert in security administrator and network servers
  • Expert in database security
  • Analyst, consulting, designing information systems security
  • Expert in examination and evaluation of information security for networks and systems
  • Expert in review of vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and troubleshooting information security
  • Professionals in programming and application development information security
  • Expert in analysis of malicious code and emergency response computer crash