Graphic Design



The Graphic Design Course curriculum at FPT University is built accordingly to the standards training of the Art School in the world and the Society for Arts Education (National Association of Schools of Art and Design – NASAD), following the standardized to international knowledge and training. In addition, all the main textbooks are in English and imported from renowned publishers and constantly updated. To ensure that, the learners can catch up with the development and the trend of Graphics Design applications in the world


The Designers need to have strong aesthetic knowledge and techniques to be able to implement the ideas into practical, attractive products. Meanwhile, besides the creativity, the designers today must have 3D skills, hand-drawn and use the graphics software proficiently. FPT University designs an oriented digital technology on Graphic Design Curriculum. This helps students comprehend and master the latest applied technology for their studying. FPT University also is one of few schools that includes Computer Graphic as an official subject in the Graphic Design Course curriculum. This is an advanced technique in design to make films, the web, applications for smartphones, tablets, games…


Graphic designing does not stop at the creation of the product according to the ordered idea of customers but they also need to have skills giving advice and persuade their potential customers. It requires students to grasp market trends, understand the culture and the tastes of the clients in general. The students also have a chance to understanding and experience the international working environment.
FPT Graphic Design students are not only be trained how to use the design tool to become a professional designer but more than that, we focus on balancing the creativity, the aesthetic and the effective and practical product design.


FPT University, English became a compulsory subject and the class language for students in all sectors, including the graphic design industry. In addition, students are equipped with Japanese or Chinese in the training process. The intensive training of foreign language can help students work on their own direct exchanges with customers, quickly embarked on work with clients from all over the world.


The explosion of e-commerce, the fierce competition between brands forecast graphic design industry will be “hot” in the next few years. Especially when buying online gradually become habits of consumers, the web interface is seen as the face of the company, the imprint of graphic design profession becomes clearer. Before the massive development of information technology, science, and technology as well as mobile devices such as personal Smartphone, Tablet … Graphic Design industry towards digital technology (Digital) is becoming one lane wave attracted young people in Vietnam and Asia.

FPT University, Graphic Design industry designed to give all the students the knowledge and skills of synthesis of graphic design, media, and professional working skills. Also, with the desire to link training with practical and business requirements, and international orientation of FPT University to equip learners with a global competitive advantage: fluent in two foreign languages (English – Japanese ), 1 year practical experience and skills to work in a professional environment: teamwork, international communication, negotiation and presentation. These are the unique advantages of FPT University students. Students graduated in graphic design at the University of FPT which may be willing to work in any country in the world.


Completion of the training program, students are equipped with:

  • Extensive knowledge of visual communication, typography, design history, colors, sketching
  • Knowledge of specialized IT products, computer graphics and web techniques, games, apps for mobile devices and cartoons.
  • The extensive knowledge of marketing and communications needed in the international media, campaigns and events along the way to practical application in each case.


  • The training program is built according to the standard of the Art Training School in the world and the Society for Arts Education (National Association of Schools of Art and Design – NASAD), ensuring the updated knowledge and standardized level consistent with international standards of training.
  • The curriculum in English are imported from renowned publishers and constantly updated techniques of graphic design in the world to help advanced students of FPT University technology can be applied in the design, arrested timely development trend graphics applications in the world.
  • Students formal university system trained oriented technology with the knowledge of all towards the unity between graphic design, communication and collaboration skills needed for big projects .
  • Through the various activities in the learning process, practice is a combination of visual communication and media subjects, students will have extensive knowledge of visual, visual communication.
  • Students are preparing the basic skills to work in the project as well as product management, presented the problem clearly, simply, with the slogan: “If you do not speak a single issue way the most simple and easy to understand, that you do not really understand about it “.


  • Designer of the company, the design dew, advertising agencies, marketing, television, games (games)
  • Design team leader
  • Expert 2D, 3D, visual effects
  • Creative director