Training human resources for the information technology sector has been identified as the government’s priority. By responding to this government strategy, FPTU has contributed to the development of IT human resources through specific mechanisms for information technology-related majors at the undergraduate level.

Information Technology at FPT University is a prominent program with six specializations:

  • Software Engineering: The specialization focuses on integrating fundamental knowledge with technology trends to assist students in approaching society’s future requirements. As a result, students would be able to produce quality and applicable software that keep pace with the needs of the times.
  • Information Assurance: The specialization equips students with basic knowledge of the computer and IT industries and provides intensive training in information assurance to develop learners’ abilities in system security and reliable communication in enterprises.
  • Information System: The specialization aids students in developing a thorough understanding of the database system and the procedures for implementing information systems in enterprises, ensuring the system’s secure operation as well as enhancing and developing applications to build a rational and efficient information management system for enterprises.
  • Internet of Things: The Internet of Things specialization equips students with foundational knowledge in combination with practical skills so that they can program and manufacture IoT application devices. That contributes to the enhancement of the quality of life and the quality of human’s work.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Artificial Intelligence specialization at FPT University follows the application-focused approach. While getting the foundational knowledge of mathematics and computers, students acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to apply artificial intelligence to address practical problems.
  • Digital Art & Design: The Digital Art & Design specialization equips students with a basic graphic background and IT applications in graphics, and enables them to combine design with media, fine art, and commerce to satisfy societal requirements.

The IT program at FPT University is designed according to the reference program framework of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The program is developed based on the opinions and counsel of leading experts in the information technology field in Vietnam.

At FPT University, IT students are trained with the goal of becoming top-tier human resources with worldwide competencies. The curriculum at FPT University emphasizes diversity; hence, every graduate possesses the global expertise and essential skills that meet the human resources requirements and abilities to adapt to the future labour market.

Program design

IT program included 4 modules: General Knowledge & Skills, Major knowledge & skills,  Specialized knowledge & skills, and Elective combos.

  • General Knowledge & Skills: prepare the students with soft skills such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking, the ability of lifelong learning, and a fundamental understanding of politics, law, ethics, and scientific methodology.
  • Major knowledge & skills: are balanced between foundation knowledge and skills and innovative technology; prepare students with a fundamental understanding of mathematics, programming languages, algorithms, data, operating systems, computer networks, software development processes, IT project management, etc. as well as new types of technology such as IoT, AI. With the Digital Art & Design specialization, the module of major knowledge and skills equips students with a foundation knowledge.
  • Specialized knowledge & skills: IT students have a chance to choose one of six specializations: Software Engineering (BIT-SE), Information Assurance (BIT-IA), Artificial Intelligence (BIT-AI), Information System (BIT-IS), Internet of Things (BIT-IoT), and Digital Art & Design (BIT-GD).
  • Elective combos: A combo is a group of courses that are linked together. Students can choose combos according to ability and orientation. Elective combos are designed to give IT students choices to either deepen or broaden their spectrum of knowledge.

Standard time to get a degree

The standard time to get a degree in Information Technology is estimated at 9+1 semesters, with the first semester dedicated to the Preparation phase and the rest for Foundation, On-the-Job training, and Specialization.

All study programs at FPTU follow the same structure of (1+9) semesters. A study journey begins with one preparation phase, lasting for two months up to a year, and continues with a major program, which takes places over 9 semesters.

Requirement to attend the study program

Students must prove their minimum of English proficiency at level B2 CEFR (Common European Framework) or IELTS 6.0 or equivalent.

Program Structure


Total Credits

General knowledge and skills


Foundation courses


Specialized knowledge and skills


Physical education